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Preventative Maintenance

For over 20 years, Drainbusters has been responding to emergency sewer backups at shopping malls, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and a variety of other places of business. These backups have caused businesses to temporarily close, production lines to halt, and have been generally aggravating to the many people affected by them. Additionally, the high cost of emergency services including clean up costs, once the problem is fixed, can strain any company's budget. In response to this, we at Drainbusters have developed a comprehensive preventative maintenance program specific to individual properties. To design a maintenance program, we discuss the general history of problems at a specific location and dispatch our representatives to assess the condition of the sewer system. When we are satisfied that we have gathered all the information that is available, it is then used to determine what services need to be performed and how frequent. Upon approval, the property is entered into our database and all future visits are scheduled. After implementing a preventative maintenance program, our clients have reported significant savings in their annual sanitary/storm sewer budget expense, along with a major reduction in emergency service calls. 

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