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Video Inspection

Image by Voice + Video

Drain line video inspection systems for waste water and sewer lines are useful and necessary tools to examine the interior of drain pipes and sewer systems without destroying the infrastructure surrounding them. Pipes often become clogged due to grease, oil, fats, hair or large physical obstructions. By their very nature, plumbing pipes are a "closed system", so most of the time they are behind walls, under floors, under ground, behind the sink, etc. The drain line video inspection system is an extremely useful tool because it gives Drainbusters visibility into these otherwise dark, closed plumbing systems. Used in combination with a jet, we can spot and remove obstructions in the most cost effective manner possible, without destruction of other structures. Drainbusters employs drain line video inspection systems and jets as part of its overall strategy to help commercial clients, especially in the food service industries, keep their drain lines clear and working properly. 


Typically, the video inspection system is used in evaluation and diagnosis - to help identify problem areas. The condition of the drain system is unknown to most clients until a problem becomes critical, resulting in a break or a back-up. Drainbusters uses video inspection systems for lines to detect and diagnose problems at their origin, then again to monitor before and after results of using the variety of drain cleaning equipment we have.

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